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When we describe the humanity of Christ, it is
important for us to see it in parallel with our own
human nature. The body and mind of Jesus
operated in the same way as any other person.
Two weeks ago, on the Feast of the Holy Family,
we recognized that the exchange between Mary
and Jesus in the temple is a turning point in the
mind of Jesus. All of us come to know ourselves by
degrees. At the age of 12, Jesus came to
apprehend that he was unique in his ability to
explain the scriptures, to teach. However, he went
back to Nazareth and continued his family life for
eighteen years. He was aware of his extraordinary
ability to understand God’s law.

In Luke’s account of the Baptism by John the
Baptism in the Jordan, we have another one of
those turning point moments. Jesus stood in line
with a group of people, who recognized themselves
as sinners. They were all moving toward a closer
association with God through repentance and
conversion. Jesus submitted to immersion, and
when he came out of the Jordan, the heavens
opened to validate his understanding that he was
unique in his sinlessness. He was like others in all
things except sin. The voice of the Father and the
overshadowing of the Holy Spirit validated this
insight. Jesus now apprehended that he had been
sent to change the world. It was time to begin his

Father Ricardo